Can I enrol on a course now? Yes course enrolment is now open. 

When can I access my course? All courses will be accessible from now until February 28th 2019.
How do I access my course?  You click the link called login/start course under your course title and log in to your course using your username and password.
How do I get a username and password?  You create your own username and password when you register online or by post. When you register over the phone you can also create your own details or we can create them for you. Please keep a note of your username and password.
What if I forget my username and password?  You can retrieve the details from a link on the home page, link on the login box or you can call us (053-9230344) or email us at and we will reset them for you.
How much time do I need to spend at the course?  You are required to engage with the course for a minimum of 20 hours.
Do I have to be online for the full 20 hours? All participants must complete a minimum of 10 hours online and are permitted to add a maximum of 10 hours offline time allowable for other course related learning activities. This time can be manually inputted.
Can I spread the 20 hours over the full period or do it all in a couple of days?  Yes you can do either, you decide when you want to do the course. You have the flexibility to allocate your time to the course in whatever way you want, once you demonstrate engagement for a total of 20 hours.
What way are the courses structured? The courses are divided into 5 modules. Each module has a number of topics and sub-topics.
Do I need broadband? Yes, broadband is necessary to gain maximum benefit from the course.
What assignments are required? 
  • All participants must complete 6 assignments (one at the end of each module and one at the end of the course) AND all participants must make two forum posts at the end of each module. The end of module assignment must demonstrate achievement of the module's stated learning outcomes. The reflective assignment at the end of the course must demonstrate achievement of the course's stated learning outcomes. 
  • All participants must complete their assignments for each module BEFORE they progress to the next module. 
  • All participants must complete a minimum of 10 hours online and are permitted to add a maximum of 10 hours offline time allowable for other course related learning activities.
How are assignments done?  You complete an assignment by posting a response to the question posed on the relevant discussion forum. There is a discussion forum at the end of each module and a reflective forum at the end of the course.
What level of detail is required in the assignments?  For the end of module responses, you are required to demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking. For the end of course reflective response, you are required to demonstrate analysis and /or application of the knowledge gained in the course.
Will my responses to other participants be counted as interactive assignment responses? Yes, once they demonstrate a sufficient level of engagement with the discussion point.
This year I will have a CPD Record at the end of the course, what is a CPD Record?  A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Record is a summary record demonstrating your engagement with the course. It will show the following:
  • The total time you spent at the course, both online and offline
  • The full text of all responses to the discussion and reflective forums
  • Sign-off (automated) by participant
  • Approval from facilitator
Will I get a certificate of completion from the College? Yes, you can download it from your status page once you have completed the course successfully. 
How long do I have to wait to download my certificate after I complete the course? From the time you request course completion, it will take a maximum of 24 hours (usually much less) for the facilitator to review your CPD record and for your certificate to be generated for you to download. You can download your certificate again at any time during the year from your professional portfolio on the home page.
Is my course compatible with the iPad?  Most courses are fully compatible with iPads, there may be the odd link that is Flash based but we have many participants now successfully completing their courses using an iPad.
Cancellation policy: You can cancel your course registration up to the point where course fees are paid. Once course fees are paid courses cannot be cancelled.
Does this course qualify me for EPV Days? No, only approved summer courses qualify for EPV days. We offer these in the months of July and August.